Arif Mirza’s latest venture Directly.me is the true child of the Idea Economy. Recently launched and already has over more than 3.5 million direct connections and 1.5 million experiences listed. Directly.me is a blue ocean, it disrupts the way we consume information and connect with people we do not know. You can get paid to share your life experiences with strangers; in essence his goal of turning the individual human mind to Hive Mind is being achieved. He believes, what you have gone through in life, someone else may be going through it right now, making this connection at the right time is worth its weight in Gold. Your Life Experiences are more valuable than Trust.

A great speaker is one who connects well with his audience; listening to Mr. Mirza is heart-filling and enjoyable for the mind. He is also a visionary who formulates a winning path towards launching successful ventures. His ventures and its success stories have been featured on BBC, CBC, CTV, Fox News, NBC, CNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Profit Magazine and other media outlets across the world.

Mr. Mirza is also a co-founder/investor in the following:

  • Allainet Ventures: Directly.me, StepByStep.com, UniqueAuction.ae, DragToTop, MaybeNow
  • RealVentures: A venture capital firm in Montreal Canada  FounderFuel: An Accelerator Program based in – Montreal Canada
  • OOHLALA: The largest mobile community for college/University Students in North America
  • Metacert: Helps concerned parents in preventing their children from accessing more than 646 million adult webpages
  • Zanura Inc: Creates and distributes iphone applications